A wemic who has spent his whole life living in the village helping others with manual labor. He is honest and strong despite being incredibly dimwitted.


Name: Kardus
Race: Wemic (DM note: For the purposes of this campaign, Wemic as a race is very similar stat-wise to half orcs. A little larger and faster, but if that winds up over-powered, I’ll deal with it. _)
Character level: 1
Class: Barbarian 1
Alignment: True Neutral
Hit die: d12
Age: 14
Height: 6’4”
Length: 10’2”
Mass: 780 lb
Hair/mane: Dark red
Eyes: Gold
Fur: Golden yellow
Language(s): Common

Abilities (modifiers):
Strength: 18 (4)
Constitution: 16 (
Dexterity: 14 (2)
Intelligence: 8 (-1)
Wisdom: 10 (
Charisma: 6 (-2)

Greataxe (1d12, x3 crit)
Scale mail (4 armor bonus, 3 max dex bonus, -4 armor check penalty)

Money: 0 GP

AC: 15 = 10 + 4 (armor bonus) + 0 (shield bonus) + 2 (dex modifier) + -1 (size modifier) + 0 (natural armor) + 0 (deflection modifier) + 0 (misc. modifier)

Initiative: 6 = 2 (dex modifier) + 4 (improved initiative) + 0 (misc. modifier)
Speed: 40 ft
Reach: 10 ft
Damage reduction: 0

Fortitude: 5 = 2 (base save) + 3 (con modifier) + 0 (temporary modifier)
Reflex: 2 = 0 (base save) + 2 (dex modifier) + 0 (temporary modifier)
Will: 0 = 0 (base save) + 0 (wis modifier) + 0 (temporary modifier)

Base attack bonus: +1

Class Features:
Fast Movement

Simple Weapon Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Medium Armor Proficiency
Light Armor Proficiency
Non-Tower Shield Proficiency
Improved Initiative

Climb (Str): 2
Intimidate (Cha): 2
Jump (Str): 4
Listen (Wis): 2
Survival (Wis): 2
Swim (Str): 0


Kardus was brought up as a “pet” of sorts near the outer borders of the village. His status evolved to “companion” as his human foster father grew old. He has no memories of his true parents or any other of his race, so he quickly adapted to the human lifestyle (although not completely). He is glad to keep his father company, and although not too intelligent, he is good at heart and enjoys doing manual labor. He is especially proud to display his strength when his neighbors enlist his aid.

Although raised in the company of humans, he does give in to periodic feral urges though nothing on a dangerous level has ever happened. He is a young and playful being and cannot resist rough physical activity.


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